The manufacture department is the central nucleus (heart) of the firm.

It is  here that they are worked and manufactured the Raffaelli products. Specific sectors are dedicated to the workmanships of the various products, first among all the one dedicated to the extra virgin olive oil, that, through the different products storage, it is manufactured in many typologies of containers. We used spices, truffles, mushrooms, chili, aromatic herbs and other products of the territory to be able to create the famous flavoured oils.

A specific department is also dedicated to the planning and packaging of all the Raffaelli products. After a careful search of the materials of packing, the various components are assembled that enrich and adorn  the final product.

Labelling, special papers use, ancient materials as rafia and sealing wax or the addition of kitchen accessories like the artisanal spoons in wood; everything is manually done, product for each product.

The heed of the details and all the attentions that are put in this phase they are not of secondary importance. The high quality of Raffaelli selections also needs of all these things to be able to maintain a high profile and to be able to distinguish from others.