Raffaelli’s history

The Plain of Lucca, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apuan Alps, is a land steeped in gastronomic traditions. This region of famous names from history and literature is where the company originated, among hillsides where Tuscan olives grow in abundance. The Raffaelli family began to sell extra virgin olive oil paying more attention on product quality and customer satisfaction.
A love of things still made with passion, authentic products that bring to mind simple, natural foods.

The table becomes a place of true pleasure, delight and sophisticated experience for the senses. All this as a result of the Splendìa – Raffaelli joint venture. Today the company is an important fixture, for both the market and the region where it is based.
Its products are sold throughout Italy, as well as in various countries across the world from Europe and America to Asia.

In recent years, technology has been allied with tradition, enabling the company to make marked improvements in quality.
In the meantime, the oil is to be found on all the best tables throughout Italy and has been sampled by gourmets all over the world, together with the results of another ambitious project: the rediscovery of the other culinary territory traditions.
The result has been product lines such as I Freschi d’orto (Fresh from the Garden), Le Primizie (Early Fruit and Vegetables), sauces and creams mainly in recipes based on wild boar, as well as pasta, cold meats, vegetables and sweets. A true gastronomic journey in which all the ancient flavours can be rediscovered unaltered. Making sitting down together at table a truly joyful occasion.

There are moments when I lose myself in childhood memories spent in the fields where my grandfather passed the days working the land, and everything seems so distant and faded: the arid soil, the sultry heat, the dark sky.

Then these same images come back to my mind clear and velvety: the green fields, the scented air, the clear sky….

At these moments I look with pride the nature in all its splendor.

Little but good….. my grandfather used to say to me.

Time has passed since he picked the olives, pressed them and preserved the oil in demijohns.

I will always be in his debt for having given me a love of olive oil, good olive oil, for teaching me. But it is to the nature that I will be eternally grateful for everything it continues to offer. For all the fruits with their unmistakable scents which we have harvested and prepared manually since time immemorial.

Only in this way, with farmers’ hands continuing to shape agriculture, can we maintain unaltered the flavours, aromas and scents of our Land.

Which is why the cuisine, while filled with flavour, must be simplicity itself.